About me

In our dim time I am merry, because printmaking is my favourite business, which allows me to live, create and celebrate the best that takes place around my world. Life is large, it is not important to think about what has remained in the past - now and in the future there are hidden and much more surprising impressions to consider. Miniature graphic arts teach this. One drawing paints a thousand words. What we are examining is reality in general, from the small problems in life up to the motion of time and events which is never boring.


Born in 1957 in Batumi (Georgia). Graduated from the graphic Faculty of Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute. Works in graphic design, printmaking.
Took part in more than 135 International exhibitions of Free graphic and exlibris in Belgium, Italy, Canada, France, Netherlands, Sweden etc. He has more than 20 International awards.
2005 - First Prize of the 10th edition of the International Engraving competition prize el Caliu (Spain);
2007 – 12 International Biennal of small Graphic Forms and Exlibris – Nominacja. Ostrow Wielkopolski (Poland);
2011 – First prize in exhibition "4th Annual Naturally Nude" by CIAO Gallery, Jackson Hole WY (USA).
Lives and works in Kiev (Ukraine).